BoxFest Detroit is a service organization, and as such we are committed to supporting women directors in advocating for your work. On this page you will find helpful resources and tools that we have gathered to help you demand equitable and safe treatment in your future endeavors.

Michigan Theatre Diversity Rider: this document was developed by a group of Michigan artists, including the producers of BoxFest Detroit, as a tool for moving the needle as it relates to equity and inclusion in Michigan theatres. This is a sample agreement and can be used as a template for freelancers and administrators.

#NotInOurHouse: the Chicago Theatre Standards were created by dozens of theatre artists and administrators. The standards are a free, voluntary, non-legally-binding tool for self-regulation in theatre spaces. The CTS seeks to mentor institutions, theatre-makers, teachers, students, parents and anyone who would like to learn more about procedural preventions and potential responses to unsafe practices, with a special focus on harassment, bullying, and discrimination. This website hosts the standards and sample agreements for contracts.

Parent Artist Advocacy League: The New Standard of Care for Caregivers is a movement of ethical support for caregivers expected of all institutions for 2021 and beyond. The three pillars of justice uphold and run through the 11 action steps, prioritizing Anti-Racism as the central pillar to caregiver support as lack of caregiver support impacts Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities uniquely and exponentially. PAAL also offers artist parental grants and COVID emergency grant funding.

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