Welcome to BoxFest Detroit

Recently, we changed our website hosting platform – this new website has some of our old content, but also some exciting new stuff! Please take some time to explore and learn about BoxFest Detroit!

BoxFest Detroit is 501(c)3 non profit annual theatre festival that showcases and creates opportunities for women directors.

BoxFest Detroit produces festivals that grant women directors the opportunities to direct original shows of their choice and win awards to help further their careers in directing. The winning director of the festival-long audience vote competition is given the opportunity to direct a show with Planet Ant Theatre’s One Act Series. In 2017, BoxFest Detroit launched an additional opportunity: a Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program grants at least two directors the opportunity to shadow, learn, and collaborate with established, experienced, women-identifying directors. The program also gives emerging directors exposure to networking opportunities in the Metro-Detroit theatrical community.

The goals of the Mentorship Program are to connect BoxFest directors with the greater Metro Detroit professional theatrical community and other women-identifying directors working within it, support the education of women-identifying directors, remove challenges for BoxFest directors associated with the cost of education and travel, and remove challenges for professional theaters associated with artist salaries. 

After 15 years, BoxFest Detroit was approved for non-profit status. “In looking towards our future, and how we want to show up for our community, we decided that becoming a non-profit is the best way to tackle our next 15 years,” said Amanda Grace Ewing, BFD Artistic Director. “We’re now eligible for grants and our patrons can now make tax-deductible donations.

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Annual festival to support the work of women identifying directors

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